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Christmas Market

On the 18th and 19th of December B&S Central Store hosted a little Christmas Market. The Christmas Spirit was fully enjoyed while listening to Christmas songs and standing next to the warm crackling fire in combination with glühwein and sausages.

Christmas Fayre

B&S Central Store sponsored a G Shock Watch on the charity Christmas event of AFNORTH International School. We hope that the lady who received it will enjoy the holidays with her brand new watch!


In November Sinterklaas visited B&S Central Store Brunssum. Fortunately, none of the children were taken to Spain by Sinterklaas and his Pieten. All children had been good this year and happily enjoyed their treats. Some of them even made a beautiful drawing for the Sint and his Pieten to say thank you! The staff from B&S Central Store made sure the drawings were sent to the Sint's palace in Spain.

Reypenaer Cheese tasting

On the 27th of November a brand ambassador from the famous Reypenaer cheese showed different tasting combinations between Port and Dutch cheeses. This proved to be welcome knowledgde with the upcoming holidays!


Malt Whisky Tasting

On the 27th of November the Malt Whisky Tasting was held at B&S Central Store Brunssum. The tasting consisted of various whisky's and was lead by our familiar whisky connoisseur Andy Holmes, who lead the tasting with lots of enthusiasm and who was of course wearing his well-known Scottish outfit.

RAFA Wings Appeal Event

On September 19th the annual RAFA Wings Appeal event was held. A fundraising was organized with different events in order to raise vital funds needed to support serving and ex-RAF personnel and their families. B&S contributed by sponsoring Goody Bags for this event.


On September 17th the B&S Central Store invited all newcomers to the shop to meet the staff and find out all about the shop during the organized tour.

All newcomers received a goody bag with typical Dutch Items.

Terry Fox Run

The 8th Annual Brunssum Community Terry Fox Run was held on the 14th of September.

B&S has sponsored this event by giving all the runners a water bottle which they could use during the race. This year’s event was organized in order to raise money for cancer research.

Belgian Flag Lunch

B&S Central Store sponsored the Belgian Delegation during the Belgian Flag Lunch with items during the tombola.

Charity Night

The lucky winner of the bike we sponsored during the Charity Night!

Beer Tasting B&S Central Store

On June the 12th and June the 19th, B&S Central Store hosted a beer festival with tastings and a quiz.


UK Summer Function

BSCS donated a goodie bag for the UK Summer Function.

Children With Cancer foundation

B&S Central Store sponsored Neil Coreless with a goody bag for the raffle.

The money raised with this raffle will be donated to the Children With Cancer foundation.

Weber BBQ Tasting

On March 27th, B&S Central Store organized a Weber BBQ tasting.

During this event, all people were invited to celebrate the start of the BBQ season at B&S Central Store.

Whisky and Cheese Tasting

On March 13th, B&S Central Store organized a Classic Malts & Reypenaer Cheese tasting.

During this event, a brand ambassador from Reypenaer cheese showed different tasting combinations between Malt Scotch Whisky’s and Dutch cheeses.